quarta-feira, 1 de julho de 2015

Training Table


1st Special Forces Operations Deatachment Delta Squadrons

Dial-4(Delta-4,D-4): When you Join in Delta,you automatcly come to this Squad,if you choice.It's Combat Operations Squadron.They Are Specialist in Closed Combat Battle,General Combats,Special Rescue Missions and Airborne Operations. Funny platon(Foxtroth-Papa,F-P): It's a Military Inteligency Squadron,When they act,is to collect informations, know the territory where the otter Squads will act. Most of Time they didn't use Uniform in actions.They are Specialist in UAV Control,Undercovered Operations,Closed Combat Battle,General Combats and Data Analys. Tier 1(Tango-1,T-1): When you Jo... mais »


We got a Burned Guy: John Callen Reason: Riot and Manipulating. 2 men with Warning: 1st Lt. Wolf 1st Lt. Lucas Reason: Riot

Operation:Devil Without a Cause.

U.S.A. Anti Terrorist Task Force Deployments... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Opening Dossier Files: ... ... ... Sniper Operation Anti Terrorist: New Operation Coputating... Afeghanistain... Devil Without a Cause.[1st SFOD-D & 160th SOAR(Airborne)] Mission Authourized 08/03/11

Carteiras Militares/Military IDs

Cpt. Joe Victor McCurdy Lt. Richard Manson McColler Master Sgt. Lucas "Hedgehog" Alves

Paterns Organizations/Organizações Parceiras

The Delta Alone, Aren't Nothing in Counter Terror War,And That Us Paterns: USA Army(Airbornes,Airbornes Special Forces,Rangers,160th SOAR(A),And Others) UK Army(SAS,SFSG,ParaUK,and Others) USA Navy Departament(Navy and Marines) Brazilian Army(BFesp,Brigada Paraquedista,B Ap Op Esp,Bda A Esp,Bda Inf Sv.,and Others) USA Air Force Brazilian Navy(Fuzileiros Navais,Comanf,Bda Inf Lv,Grumec,And Others) Brazilian Air Force UK Navy(SBS,Royal Marines And Others) Russian Army(VDV,Spestnaz,And Others) Russian Navy Russian Air Force Australian Army(SASR,SFSGR,ParaAustralian,and Others) Australian Na... mais »


Hi Boys I'm Lt. "Ghost" MacColler... A DELTA! I hate Rangers/Marines/USMC and Others '-' Good Day boys :)